1. Add Boatswain’s GPG key

rpm --import http://repo.boatswain.io/boatswain-signing.gpg.asc

2. Verify the key (Optional)

There should be a key named as gpg-pubkey-c04acda1-58ae9815

rpm -qa gpg-pubkey*

3. Add the Boatswain yum repository

echo -e "[boatswain]\nname = Boatswain\nbaseurl = http://repo.boatswain.io/packages/yum" > /etc/yum.repos.d/boatswain.repo

4. Update the yum repository

yum check-update

5. Check the Boatswain version (Optional)

yum info boatswain

6. Install Boatswain

yum install boatswain

7. Setup the Boatswain account token

You could find your Boatswain account token on the web portal Settings -> Token. Request for an beta account first if you don’t have one yet.

Insert the token at the /etc/boatswain.yml.

### Please register and get the token from https://app.boatswain.io/
token: token_here

8. Start Boatswain

systemctl start boatswain