Real Time Notification


Real Time Notification alerts user whenever a container status is changed. It allows user taking immediate action when something goes wrong in the malfunction container.

Please note that if the container is removed right after any status change, Boatswain might not be able to detect it. For example, if you have a -rm flag when running the container.

docker run -it --rm busybox

In that case, there might be no notification email.


The Real Time Notification could be configured in the Notification Settings page on the top right hand corner.

Notification Settings

Enable real time notification using regular expression

Container with its name matched the regular expression would enable the Real Time Notification. Please include the / before and after in your input and only the i flag is allowed.

Enable notification using regular expression

List of notification enabled containers

After the regular expression is set, any matched container which has been detected in the recent 24 hours would be listed below.

List of notification enabled containers

Please note that the above list is just for reference and any newly added container would also have notification enabled as long as its name matched any regular expression.